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Different Approaches to Bonus Packages and Attracting the Top Talent

Posted on 25/09/2015 by Conor Chadwick


Recruiting has always been a highly competitive minefield, with all companies offering different incentives to try and recruit the most talented workforce. Some will simply offer a higher salary, which undeniably wins over a number of jobseekers. Others will try and make a more enjoyable workplace, through a number of means, varying from relaxed dress codes, to play rooms, or relocating to more unique office spaces. And then, there are companies like Google who try everything, from creating “snugs”, getting slides put in offices, and even offering employees free beer and wine. So here is a guide to what some well-known companies offer as incentives:


  • An unlimited supply of tasty meals and snacks, so you’re never hungry at work!
  • Feel free to bring your dog into the office, they’re always welcome at Google HQ
  • When a Google employee passes away, their spouse is given half their salary for 10 years


  • Employees are given a free membership at ProSports Club
  • There is an on-campus health centre that is free for staff to drop in at
  • A variety of entertainment in the office, including Xbox, pool tables and arcade machines


  • Provides financial assistance to the family of an Apple employee who has passed away
  • Mothers can take up to 18 weeks maternity leave, whereas fathers can take 6 weeks of paternity leave
  • Every few weeks they hold an event called “Beer bash” where they serve free beer and have live bands playing


  • There is a company car program which includes insurance, maintenance and repair
  • Whenever an employee reaches a work anniversary (5 years,10, 15, 20, etc.) they are rewarded with an extra week of holiday
  • After every 10 years of service to the company, employees are able to take an 8 week sabbatical


  • Employees can get a tuition fee reimbursement for Arizona State University’s online program that covers two years of classes
  • A 30% in store discount and one pound of coffee or tea free each week
  • A sponsored retirement plan


  • Discounts on nestle products, cinema tickets and mobile phones
  • Up to 90% of dining at a selection of locations
  • Air, hotel and car rentals


  • Healthcare benefits for employees who work 30+ hours a week
  • Significant discounts on rooms at Marriott hotels for family and friends and once you have worked there for 25 years you get free Marriott accommodation for life
  • They frequently recruit and promote from within the company

  • Free flights with SouthWest Airlines
  • Discounts and guest passes for family and friends
  • Annual employee events


  • Access to Mickey’s Retreat, which is a place for employees to relax during downtime at work
  • A huge variety of discounts for the parks, hotel, dining, etc.
  • Behind the scenes tours and talks


  • Weight management program reimbursement
  • Online health classes
  • Financial and legal consultation


  • A baby gift program to welcome new additions to employee’s families
  • They have a “fun fund” for team celebrations and team building exercises
  • They also offer wellness programs for employees and their spouse


  • Every Friday is a half day
  • In Italy they are allowed to take two half days a week to take part in English lessons
  • Employees are offered paid time off to attend school-related events and to participate in volunteering through Mattel’s Children’s Foundation

So, which office perks would win you over? Or are there better bonuses from your current employer? The more family orientated offerings from Apple, Disney’s discounts, or the extra time off from Mattel?

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