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2016 Forecasts for Accounting and Finance Salaries

Posted on 27/11/2015 by Conor Chadwick


2016 is set to be a good year for accounting and finance as the sectors are currently the fastest growing in the UK. Furthermore, research suggests that 2016 is also set to see considerable increases in the salaries for finance roles; with five of the ten roles set to see the highest salary increases in 2016, belonging to accountancy and finance.

While overall salaries are predicted to rise by an average of 3% across the board in 2016, compared to last year’s figure of 2.6%, there are some roles expecting to outshine the average and receive around double that with rises of between 5.7% and 7.4%.

The top 10 roles in full

1. Mobile applications developer +7.4%

£32,500 - £61,500

As well as providing games to play on smartphones, mobile applications developers are in huge demand to build apps for companies to provide access to information and services, notably banks and retailers.

2. Web developer +7.3%

£36,500 - £55,000

Talented developers are invaluable to companies who need to maintain a resilient, secure and user friendly website for customers and partners.

3. Junior compliance associate +6.8%

£22,500 - £36,500

Regulatory compliance is top of the agenda for all organisations and will only continue to grow in importance, putting a premium on experts who can help guarantee their employers stick to the rules.

4. Information security manager +6.6%

£63,250 - £97,000

2015 saw its fair share of security breaches and cyber-attacks on some of the UK’s best-known consumer brands – it’s not surprising that information security professionals are in huge demand.

5. Operation risk manager +5.7%

£53,500 - £90,500

Responsible for internal controls covering structure, systems, people, products or processes, operation risk managers are invaluable professionals across all industry sectors.

6. Financial Controller +3.9%

£76,500 - £104,500

Attracting the highest salary band of the top 10, financial controllers are the lynchpins of every organisation and oversee the number-crunching and reporting that ensure businesses are both compliant and solvent.

7. Senior Finance Manager +3.7%

£54,250 - £64,750

The most in-demand senior finance managers will have three years post qualification experience and be responsible for budgeting and forecasting – essential tasks in organisations rebuilding their profitability and productivity.

8. Financial Business Partner +3.6%

£47,000 - £59,750

Financial business partners with the ability to analyse trends and provide growth predictions in a way that the rest of the organisation will understand are in high demand. As financial management is about so much more than bean counting, financial business partners who can communicate well with the rest of the organisation are in high demand.

9. Regulatory Accountant +3.5%

£55,250 - £78,500

Responsible for completing financial reports to regulatory bodies, regulatory accountants play a key role in ensuring that companies remain fully compliant.

10. Qualified Management/Financial Accountant +3.5%

£44,500 - £59,750

Trained management accountants who are able to advise and steer businesses finances to meet their business objectives will continue to be in demand in 2016.


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